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[ale] FOR SALE: 15" Powerbook G4 fixer-upper

I'm not personally interested in buying, but for anyone who is, i can offer
useful tips for installing linux on an apple without a functioning optical
drive.  Though, it does require another ppc machine with a functioning
optical drive.


On 4/8/07, Chris Woodfield <rekoil at semihuman.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> After upgrading to a Macbook, I've got an old Powerbook to unload,
> and I'd much rather sell it locally than put it up on eBay. So here
> goes...
>   As this was my workhorse machine for almost four years, this is
> definitely a "fixer-upper" machine; see the list of caveats below.
> The biggest issues, such as the optical drive, battery and AC
> adapter, are fixable, but I'd rather leave that to an enterprising
> buyer. Or you can use it for parts if you're in the business of
> repairing Powerbooks. Or make it into modern sculpture of some sort. :)
> Given its condition, I'm asking $350 o/b/o. Looking at ebay, fully-
> functional models generally end up in the $800 price range. Pickup in
> midtown or downtown, cash (or paypal executed onsite) only.
> And yes, I hear it can run Linux, so I'm not completely offtopic :)
> The specs:
> Apple Powerbook G4, 15" model, 1.25GHz
> 1GB DDR memory
> 80GB hard drive
> 1280x800 15" LCD display
> ATI Mobility Radion 9600 AGP4, 64MB VRAM
> 802.11b/g and Bluetooth built-in
> 2xUSB 2.0 ports, 1 Firewire 400, 1 Firewire 800 port
> S-Video and DVI out, 1/8" audio in/out
> 10/100/1000M wired ethernet, built-in V.92 56k modem
> One PC card slot
> Full specs available at http://lowendmac.com/pb2/15in-g4.html.
> This is a 3.5-year-old machine, and is currently malfunctioning in
> notable ways. Known faults are:
> 1. Optical drive not working; slot-load mechanism will not accept
> optical media. Drive will probably need to be replaced.
> 2. One stuck pixel glowing blue located approximately 5" from the
> right edge and 2" from the top. However, it's only occasionally
> visible, but can be annoying.
> 3. Battery life is approximately 40% of original capacity, gives you
> approximately 1 hour of usage without power. A new battery should fix
> this.
> 4. Keyboard backlight is not functional.
> 5. Sleep indicator light on front of latch button comes on
> occasionally without warning.
> 6. There is a small dent on the left palm rest.
> 7. No AC adapter.
> It currently has a fresh 10.4 MacOS X install, although I can't give
> you the original 10.4 upgrade disk (nudge nudge). Will supply the
> original 10.3 restore DVD.
> Email me if you're interested or if you have other questions.
> Thanks,
> -Chris Woodfield
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