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[ale] OT: PHP and MySQL Development on a Mac

You could use PHPEclipse
(http://www.phpeclipse.de/tiki-view_articles.php) but running eclipse on
a 500MHz G3 could be painful ;)

Keith Morris 

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Subject: [ale] OT: PHP and MySQL Development on a Mac

I recently acquired a 500 MHz G3 Imac. I loaded it with MacOS 10.4
"Tiger" and then I downloaded MAMP for it and set it up to be my
development box / ITunes Jukebox. I just recently became the Webmaster
for my wifes forum http://betterbreederscorner.com and I needed a
machine to test code changes on before I put them into production.

So far my only changes to the phpBB2 forum software have been to add the
google search box at the bottom of the main page and the view topics
page, and I added a google adsense box that shows up directly below the
first post on a page for any given topic. 

I am wondering what PHP editors are available for Mac OSX, I am
currently using one called TacoHTML (I think that is the name of it)

Is anyone else on the list doing anything similar? If so what is your
favorite editor? 


Van Loggins