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[ale] Comcast speeds

Scott McDonald wrote:
> With MRTG graphing my gateway interface, the max I've hit over long
> times has been ~650kbit/s.  See:
> http://twopeanuts.com/mrtg/
> But - don't forget your bits to bytes conversions on the way to
> converting that to Mb/s...
> 690kbit/s = 5,520 Kbytes/sec = ~5.39 Mb/s
> Kinda hard to sue them for fraud (and win) when they are delivering
> more than promised :)
> -Scott
Let's see, you either work for Comcast, were a music major in college, 
or a product of government schools (per Neal).  Check your conversion 
once again. ;)

690,000 bits/s * 1 byte/8 bits = 690,000/8  bytes

As we learned to 'cancel' the bits cancel out the bits, but new math 
says bits/bits is equality so we just substitute 1.  That statement is 
probably only understood by someone that came up canceling and married a 
teacher that had to teach new math.  :)