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[ale] Comcast speeds

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 14:48 -0400, Scott McDonald wrote:

> With MRTG graphing my gateway interface, the max I've hit over long
> times has been ~650kbit/s.  See:
> http://twopeanuts.com/mrtg/
> But - don't forget your bits to bytes conversions on the way to
> converting that to Mb/s...
> 690kbit/s = 5,520 Kbytes/sec = ~5.39 Mb/s
> Kinda hard to sue them for fraud (and win) when they are delivering
> more than promised :) 


I have 6 Mbit service, which means that in theory, my connection maxes
out at 6,144kbit/sec, or about 768 KiB per second.  The bursts, which go
up to 12Mbit, permit short-term transfer speeds of up to 1,536KiB/sec.

4 Mbit = 512 KiB/second = 0.5 MiB/sec.

In any case, my download speeds are mostly constrained by the servers
and other traffic on the Internet.  As long as I am downloading at
speeds above 200KiB/sec, I am pretty happy.  Most servers under stress
won't seem to serve things faster than that, anyway.  If a server is
under high enough stress or is far enough away to prevent me from
getting that kind of speed, then I only use it if I don't have a better

    -- Mike

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