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[ale] SuSE-10.x too tricky for my builds!

ALErs -

I have two boxen running OpenSuSE-10.x and am having problems with their
version of 'gcc', and/or with the associated libraries. FC[3|4|5] all
handle this build just fine.

For example, SuSE has '/usr/include/linux/*.h' files that are for 
kernel-only builds, and thus crash my user-space builds. A corresponding 
'/usr/src/linux-xxx/include/*-user.h' exists, but causes other problems. 

[Err - why is the kernel-space header in '/usr/include' and the user-space 
version back among the kernel sources???]

My sources are shared with other projects that build just fine, and are
used by other developers. Thus unneeded changes to the project's sources
are a real headache.

Is there a reasonable approach to installing an FC-type build environment
on a SuSE-10.x platform? Or, is there a common work-around to this

TIA for any experience here.

 - John Mills
   john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu