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[ale] Voxforge: An open source project that needs *your* help

One easy idea is to provide a number for people to call and record the

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 11:26 -0400, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Last night I submitted my first dialect coverage prompt with my own
> voice. It's a relatively painless process and takes about an hour and
> a
> half of your time if you're overly slow and cautious like me. All you
> need is Audacity, a quite room, the ability to follow instructions,
> and
> a decent headset mic (desktop mics aren't recommended as changing
> speaker proximity can introduce undesirable variation in the
> recordings). I bought mine, a Logitech stereo headset, from Walmart a
> few days ago for about $20. I know that's rather expensive, but it's
> worth it for the increased quality. You also need a decent sound card
> with a clean low static microphone input. Most computers ship with
> this
> from the factory. You don't even have to use Linux. Audacity runs just
> fine on win32 and we don't care which operating system creates the
> audio. I intend to continue submitting one or two prompts each night
> for
> the next few weeks. I also intend to ask my wife to submit a few
> prompts
> as well. I hope you'll do the same. If we can recruit a reasonable
> number of volunteers then we can achieve our goal quickly