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[ale] Sendmail and Bellsouth

I had no problem getting mail when I had the ports open to receive mail. 
This was about 6 months ago though. Doesn't incoming mail use port 110 
pop anyways?  The reason I changed to Bellsouth was that I am to far 
away from the CO to get the higher speed DSL.  The reason I stop 
forwarding the ports for email was that I didn't want to check logs 
everyday for hacks or risk getting spamed.   I figured out the puzzle 
and was done with it.  So now I just have to worry about the FCC ruling 
on shared copper access.


Nathan wrote:

>fwiw, I've also had *very* good luck with Atlantic Nexus.  I was a bit 
>skeptical about them when I saw their website, but was pleasantly 
>surprised after getting their service.
>Rob Fauls wrote:
>>I left bellsouth because they are blocking port 25...you can use an 
>>alternate port, but thats only good if you already have a mail server 
>>outside the bellsouth network.  This issue with bellsouth has caused me 
>>to change isp to Atlantic Nexus.  I had one day without internet, but 
>>other than that, they have proven to be just as reliable as bellsouth 
>>over the past 2 months.  They also usually pickup phone support after 2 
>>rings, no wait.  I highly recommend them. They dont block any ports, 
>>that the biggest thing with me, and thats the problem you are having, 
>>when everything boils down.  The only way to get bellsouth to open your 
>>port 25 is to buy a business account from them, then pay an extra $10 to 
>>get them to give you a static ip and open port 25...or i can save $15/mo 
>>off my residential account and get inet thats free of port blocks. (i 
>>was paying $50/mo for 1.5 dsl from bellsouth. now paying 35/mo from 
>>atnex.) Again, its all up to you, but having my inet free of 
>>restrictions was enough for me to get away from bellsouth.
>>Brandon Colbert wrote:
>>>I was planning to use it as a mail server.
>>>On 2/19/06, *Pete Hardie* <pete.hardie at gmail.com 
>>><mailto:pete.hardie at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>    On 2/19/06, Brandon Colbert <colbert.brandon at gmail.com
>>>    <mailto:colbert.brandon at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>    > Crap! Crap! Crap! OK Question? How is it possible that I can
>>>    send mail from
>>>    > a client using STMP: mail.bellsouth.net <http://mail.bellsouth.net>?
>>>    How do you need to send it?  I've got a Python app that will send
>>>    files using SMTP
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