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[ale] video conversion?

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 20:24, Chris Ricker wrote:
> I have some short home movies in DVD format
> I'd like to convert them (both the video and audio) to single files I can 
> post on the web -- as avi, mpeg, or whatever -- for family and friends. 
> I'd prefer it to be some format which will work out of the box on Windows 
> XP, and with a minimum of fuss on Linux. I'm guessing that means mpeg-1 
> format?

At present, I believe you are correct and that Mpeg 1 is your most platform 
compatible route.  I do this stuff for a living, and it is also my opinion 
that Mpeg 1 provides one of the best Quality / Filesize compromises. AVI and 
QuickTime are not really codecs in themselves, but are frameworks for a 
variety of codecs; thus quality, file size and platform compatibility can 
vary greatly for a given file.  My last opinion is that Mpeg 4 (and likewise 
for the embarrassed and corrupted winblows version of the same label) does 
not provide significant enough quality improvements to justify its reduced 
cross platform compatibility and support. 

> Anyone got any howtos on how to do this with Linux? Suggestions on what I 
> really want to convert them to format-wise? Everything I'm finding is 
> either oriented toward the ripping scene (DVD -> DivX type stuff) or else 
> a maze of Windows shareware codecs and such
> thanks,
> chris

ffmpeg is probably your best bet on Linux.
  < http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpeg/ >

I believe it has full capability to transcode multiplexed Mpeg2 DVD files to 
other formats.  I've used the Mac port some with its limited GUI, but will 
warn that the waters are wavy with compression variables and some 
experimentation will likely be needed to get workable files.



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