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[ale] telnet test

Mike Fletcher wrote:
> On Apr 20, 2006, at 9:06 PM, Geoffrey wrote:
>> Jim Popovitch wrote:
>>> Christopher Fowler wrote:
>>>>  perl -MIO::Socket -e '$s = new IO::Socket::INET 
>>>> (PeerAddr=>"",
>>>> PeerPort=> 23, Proto =>"tcp") or die "$!\n";'
>>> Thank you Chris, I will try that.
>> It's sweet, but I would expect you'd have better luck finding imap  
>> on a
>> box then the IO::Socket perl module.
> IO::Socket (and children) are part of the core Perl distribution and  
> have been for aeons.
> $ perldoc perlmodlib | grep IO::Socket
>         IO::Socket  Object interface to socket communications
>         IO::Socket::INET
>         IO::Socket::UNIX
> If a box has perl but not IO::Socket it's got a broken (or at the  
> least incomplete) perl install.

Ah yes.  I sit corrected...

Until later, Geoffrey

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