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[ale] Thursday, April 20th Meeting

One of my coworkers, being humorous, said that about the most we can  
do is:

Hi.  I'm Jerald.  I work for Weather.com, and we use Linux.  Thank You.

Of course, I can do more, I just thought that was quite funny.

I've told Geoffrey that I can also do a JVM tuning talk at some point  
as well.  I've already started the presentation.

If anyone would be interested, I can also talk about JVM memory  
profiling, and Tomcat setup and deployment as well.


On Apr 12, 2006, at 8:08 PM, Jason Smith wrote:

> Jerald Sheets <jsheets at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Topic:
> I have no idea.  :)
> If we are still without topic right now, I can give a brief  
> presentation about how we employ Linux at TWCi, but it would be a  
> broad, general overview.
> Perhaps a few folks can share what they use Linux for at the  
> workplace.
> We may all learn something new from each other.
> Thanks
> Blab-away for as little as 1?/min. Make PC-to-Phone Calls using  
> Yahoo! Messenger with Voice.
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