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I think you can thank timex for that, not walmart.

> Once upon a time (around 96-97 time frame) I bought a Compaq laptop
> that didn't even make the 3 year mark before it became useless.
> (first laptop ever sold for under $2000) However, these days the
> software feature/bloat growth rate is much lower than it was in the
> late 90's so computer lifespans are definitely getting longer. For
> instance, I've got several AMD Athlon CPUs in the 1.4-1.6Ghz range,
> that I'v had for several years, that run Linux (Ubuntu/Suse/Slack)
> exceptionally well for my needs. (browser/email/openoffice) If my
> wife wasn't already complaining about the 9 computers (5 running) in
> my office, I'd be very tempted to run buy one of those $400 models
> myself.

I think a one time investment in a low end no-name laptop might be a 
good research effort.  But, when you can walk in and by an hp or compaq 
(inspite of your previous experience) for $100, I just don't see the 
reasoning for purchasing the walmart product for real use.

Until later, Geoffrey

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