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-Jim P.

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 14:31 -0500, James Sumners wrote:
> Well, yes, distributions like those that you mentioned are going to
> work "decently" but not well. I am talking about having the peace of
> mind that if I had to take my laptop in to a major meeting, not that I
> have anything more major than class going on right now, that the
> laptop would do what I need it to without me having to figure out how
> to get my laptop to interface with their equipment because I am
> running a niche OS (on the desktop it most certainly is niche). While
> it could be argued that Mac OS is a niche OS it is more of a publicly
> accepted OS for a user machine than Linux is. Just the facts. And I
> promise, getting the ATi card in this laptop to output to an external
> television or something that is NOT VGA is a real pain in the ass and
> the device has to be plugged in _before_ the laptop is turned on.
> The wireless card in this machine is of the Orinoco/Hermes II variety.
> It is quite possibly one of the best, non-Prism II (as in
> prism54.org), supported cards in Linux available. The support
> absolutely sucks. I am not saying it is any fault of the people
> developing the drivers -- they are doing the best that they can with
> the information that they have. All I am saying is that I have to do a
> lot of low level stuff [driver code editing] to get certain things to
> work that should "just work".
> And yes, I have used wine and crossover. Aside from the fact that
&gt; Mathcad (<a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mathsoft.com/";>http://www.mathsoft.com/</a>), the only application I use Windows
&gt; for for class, will not work with either because it requires .NET,
&gt; which won't work with either, I don't like wine nor crossover as a
&gt; solution. Truly, they are a poor solution to a legitimate problem.
&gt; Higher level applications, such as Maple which I will be using toward
&gt; the end of my degree, support Linux but a majority of the &quot;typical&quot;
&gt; software does not. I don't like giving companies an excuse to not
&gt; provide native applications by using API interpreters like wine and
&gt; crossover. True, Mathcad does not support OS X but I am willing to bet
&gt; that the company would support OS X before they will even consider
&gt; supporting Linux. (I really don't like Mathcad any way and prefer to
&gt; use my TI-89 unless there is something that is easier to do with
&gt; Mathcad -- which is not much).
&gt; Certainly I will post my findings. It will be a while before I can do
&gt; so though. I won't be buying an Apple machine until Tiger comes out
&gt; and I want to be able to buy it outright so I will have to save some
&gt; money first.
&gt; On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:38:28 -0500, Geoffrey &lt;esoteric at 3times25.net&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt; I guess that depends on your definition of decently.  I've had very good
&gt; &gt; luck with various laptops. (Dell, Toshiba, hp in the past, Sony, hp of
&gt; &gt; late)  Maybe it was just that, good luck.  Currently I've got RH
&gt; &gt; workstation 3/SuSE 9.2 on a Sony Vaio.  Everything works, except the
&gt; &gt; s-video out.  I've got Suse 9.2 and MDK 10.1 on an hp laptop I picked up
&gt; &gt; a few months ago.  All works well on that box as well.  The external vga
&gt; &gt; can be setup as a dual head, although I've not tried it.
&gt; &gt; 
&gt; &gt; I think that's because folks working on wireless are primarily focused
&gt; &gt; on getting the drivers to work.  The proprietary issues around g cards
&gt; &gt; are pretty substantial.  I feel your pain though.
&gt; &gt; 
&gt; &gt; Have you tried wine or crossover?
&gt; &gt; 
&gt; &gt; &gt; I just want a system that doesn't suck like Windows and lets me work
&gt; &gt; &gt; as efficiently as I like to work. Mac looks to be that system and I
&gt; &gt; &gt; will find out shortly I suppose :)
&gt; &gt; 
&gt; &gt; Do post your findings.

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