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Your assessment is pretty valid, just keep thinking of the glass being
half-full.  Things have gotten a LOT better in the past two years, the
next year can only improve.  Have you looked at GXine for streaming
media (i listen to online stations all the time, video feeds too)

> As for wireless... I do a lot with wireless. My primary job function
> at CCSU (clatyon.edu) is to work on the wireless network (basically
> roam it and make sure it works or check out reported "outtages"). I
> must say that the wireless support, in general, for Linux is abysmal.
> Yes, I can get more information about the network using Linux wireless
> utilities but I can only use them when the driver supports the
> functions. Hell, for the wireless card builtin to this Dell I had to
> hack in WPA fast keying and monitor mode support.

My activities mimic that.  I frequent various wifi networks, customers,
public, home, work, etc. Some secure (not really), some not.  I created
a user ifup script in ~/bin that uses sudo to load modules ect.  Then I
created ~/.network-connections that has 6 or 7 .desktop files in it.  I
dragged a copy of it to my Desktop panel and it created a drawer like
this:  <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://jimpop.net/stuff/debian-wireless-select.jpg";>http://jimpop.net/stuff/debian-wireless-select.jpg</a>  (let me know
if you want more info on how to do this)

&gt; Plus, CCSU does buy software for OS X if there is a version of the
&gt; software for it (I have to check and see if we have Maple for OS X and
&gt; I certainly hope we do). I want a machine that I can use in class that
&gt; has native application support; I am tired of having to use VMWare for
&gt; one or two applications that will not run on my platform.

While i do have VMWare, I only use it to run other Linux distros.  I use
Crossover Office to run MS Office, chiefly because it works, it works
well, and everyone i work with uses it (on CXO or otherwise).

-Jim P.

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