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Sean Kilpatrick wrote:
| Okay,
| I read the man pages for both hotplug and udev. My eyes glazed over
| each time. <grin/sigh> I have absolutely no clue what it is I must
| actually _do_ to activate either of these programs and have them
| automagically deal with the problem of assigning a unique /dev to
| each removable device.  That is the USB hard drive will _always_ be
| sda1 or sd(whatever)1 every time it is plugged in.
| I am running FC3 with a 2.6(whatever) kernel.
| Sean
~    Does FC3 not package these for the distro?  If so, that is pretty
surprising.  In Debian, for example, hotplug and udev are packages whose
installation, startup, and dependency management are all handled via the
packaging system.

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