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[ale] My iBook

I've really been considering buying one of the mini-macs just to get my 
feet wet with a Mac.  The thing that's holding me back from getting an 
Apple laptop is the price (the mini-mac is around $500, the iBooks are 
around double that).
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Matthew Brown wrote:
> I have had my iBook G4 for almost a week. It is my first Apple ever. I 
> bought the bottom of the line G4 (12" screen) for ~$880 -- with the 
> AirPort card. I bought it basically so I could have a solid an supported 
> *NIX laptop. In short, it rocks! It literally does everything I could do 
> before, but now I also have OpenBSD underneath, allowing me tons of 
> useful tools, many of which I've already used.
> If you're looking for a switch off Windows and you still need things 
> like a good WYSIWYG web editor -- like Dreamweaver -- or Flash or the 
> Adobe tools, Apple is THE THING.
> My 2 cents.
> Best Regards,
> Matthew Brown
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