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take serial port data from /dev/ttyS14 on machineA and route it securely
with an ssh tunnel to machineB where it is picked up and put onto serial
port /dev/ttyS1

I have been trying to do it with a combination of nc and ssh as follows:

on machineA:


while (true)
        (stty $BAUDRATE -echo clocal raw pass8 ; exec nc -l -p

followed by:

ssh -L 26150:machineB:26150 machineB
(ssh connection is with keys)

And on machineB the same script as above with SERIAL_PORT=/dev/ttyS1

I keep running into the issue of not being able to "share connections"
to port 26150 on machineA. Both nc and ssh want to lock it on their
connection. How do I get around this?

(stupid, ancient DOS app that can't be run over a nice fast network

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