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Thanks for the help on this. I had a chat session with LinkSys customer
support and the respondent claimed VoIP needed port 53 for its own purposes.
In my case it creates no conflict, as anyone seeking DNS from that IP would
be SOL (to coin a phrase).

More globally, I know port 53 is open for outgoing and for replies so I
won't forward it unless the installation seems to need it.

Thanks again.

 - John Mills 

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Mills, John M. wrote:
&gt; I read the manual and still have a question regarding port forwarding:
&gt; LinkSys's manual says forward port 53 (DNS) to the Vonage adapter. How can
&gt; this work? Don't the other boxen on that router need to reach DNS? Why is
&gt; there incoming DNS anyway???

You don't need to forward DNS to the ATA. I think they suggest that to 
make sure that DNS is available to the ATA. Only ports that need to 
forwarded from the outside of your network to the ATA is UDP 5060 and 5061.

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