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Kind regards,
Chris Bergeron
Dashwerks, Inc.

Mills, John M. wrote:

>ALErs -
>I have a fairly simple home [sub]net with a static IP, a very simple Airlink
>wired/wireless router, and two users: one hard-wired, one wireless (minimal
>WEP encryption and known MAC for link security). I am considering a Vonage
>subscription, plugged into the router by wired link and just "doing its own
>thing" with Vonage's servers.
>The router now passes all outgoing and response packets, but does not
>currently forward any ports to specific LAN IPs.
>I scanned the recent 'Vonage' thread and it seems to suggest this will work
>if I simply plug the Vonage modem into any available enternet slot in the
>LAN, but answers to a couple of questions would raise my confidence:
>Q1: Does Vonage service require any inbound ports be forwarded to its modem,
>or does the modem initiate the connection and get only repies, even for
>inbound phone calls? Vonage' installation notes list a potload of ports
>which shouldn't be blocked, but don't say if any must be specifically
>forwarded to their modem.
>Q2: Does Vonage typically provide the modem, or do most customers go buy one
>(LinkSys or whatever) from a third party? Any strong preferences? (I know I
>could replace the simple Airlink router with a "known brand" - is this
>Q3: If Vonage service requires inbound port forwarding, do they provide a
>modem that can use a fixed IP in my LAN?
>Q4: Vonage' notes suggest that putting their interface behind the modem does
>sacrifice some functionality (e.g., QoS control), but that it should work.
>What should I anticipate happening to the phone link when another system is
>keeping the LAN busy?
>Thanks for any experience you could share and suggestions you might offer.
> - John Mills
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