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Thanks for the responses. It does look like this service can share our DSL
without too much heartburn.

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CF&gt;You can buy a Vonage ATA at Sam's or BestBuy

Sam's lists the LinkSys PAP-2 at $39.95, $40.00 creditable by Vonage to your
service after 90 days. That's the best I saw.

I read the manual and still have a question regarding port forwarding:
LinkSys's manual says forward port 53 (DNS) to the Vonage adapter. How can
this work? Don't the other boxen on that router need to reach DNS? Why is
there incoming DNS anyway???

Otherwise their configuration looks identical to what I had planned:
 [DSL Modem]&lt;-&gt;[router/firewall]&lt;-&gt; {phone adapter, computers, whatever ...}

TIA for any light on this.

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 10:18 -0400, Jason Fritcher wrote:
&gt; Mills, John M. wrote:
&gt; &gt; Q1: Does Vonage service require any inbound ports be forwarded to its
&gt; &gt; or does the modem initiate the connection and get only repies, even for
&gt; &gt; inbound phone calls? Vonage' installation notes list a potload of ports
&gt; &gt; which shouldn't be blocked, but don't say if any must be specifically
&gt; &gt; forwarded to their modem.
&gt; I did have to forward UDP ports 5060 and 5061 to the Vonage box.

That looks like no problem, nor the high ranges they also want.

 - John Mills

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