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> Q4: Vonage' notes suggest that putting their interface behind the modem
> sacrifice some functionality (e.g., QoS control), but that it should work.
> What should I anticipate happening to the phone link when another system
> keeping the LAN busy?

G- Actually, you can't put it in front of the modem, it expects ethernet,
G- unless they have some kind of dual hardware that does the dsl modem
G- thing, but then, you wouldn't need the other modem.

Yes - I understand.

I wasn't clear or correct here. I meant to say, "behind the
firewall/router". My system has two static Ips. What I really had in mind

[DSL modem]<-->[hub]<-->[IP1 firewall/router]<-->[Vonage adapter (ATA?)]<-->
                 ^                    ^
                 |                    +--------> (computers)
                 +--->[IP2 firewall/router]<---> (computers)

Since there are two users on IP1, I felt a bit more comfortable putting the
hone adapter behind that side's router, parallel to their computers. I
suppose it wouldn't really matter for privacy or security if it were in
front, and might give a better phone line. I can't put the phone adapter
ahead of the hub due to the physical layout of our place.

Thanks for your help. 

 - John Mills

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