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On 8/8/05, Rene Rasmussen <ale at ras-world.dk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I seem to have run into a little problem with my FTP server. Only root is
> allowed to login, no matter what I do.
> I use the following vsftpd.conf:
> # My configuration of VSFTPD
> local_enable=YES
> write_enable=YES
> anonymous_enable=NO
> xferlog_enable=YES
> xferlog_file=/var/log/vsftpd.log
> idle_session_timeout=600
> data_connection_timeout=120
> ascii_upload_enable=NO
> ascii_download_enable=NO
> nopriv_user=ftp
> dirmessage_enable=YES
> ftpd_banner=Welcome to FTP service
> chroot_list_enable=NO
> chroot_local_user=YES
> background=YES
> ls_recurse_enable=NO
> I have setup a user with login and password. And I have made sure he is a
> member of the FTP group.
> He's able to login to the machine(bash) but he cannot login to the FTP 
> server.
> I just get a "530 Login incorrect" error.
> The configuration shown here is actually my second try. I found this one 
> on
> the net. The description said that this was how to enable my local users 
> to
> login to the FTP server.
> The first config actually did the same. I just used the default config 
> file,
> and changed a few of the options.
> Could someone please check my config and tell me where I screwed up?
> This is my first time trying to get a FTP server to work, so please be 
> patient
> with me. ;-)
> The distro used for the FTP server is Slackware 10.1, and VSFTPD is 
> version
> 2.0.1
> Best regards,
> Ren? Rasmussen
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