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You can also use SLI enabled motherboards with dual Nvidia cards to get 
more than two monitors hooked up.  the driver will allow certain 
combinations of dual monitor single desktop or multi-monitor multi-desktop.

A big plus with the nvidia setup is that different monitors are handled 
very well.  You can have a 12" old CRT with limited vertical Hz refresh 
rate next to a 20" LCD from Dell at 60Hz and the driver will accelerate 
and join into a seamless desktop both monitors.  Nvidia had that for 
Linux before they had it for Windows!

Preston Boyington wrote:
>I know some of you use multiple monitors to "spread" your desktop over a larger space (or maybe different workspaces on each monitor), but do they have to be a matched set?
>I am designing a setup for my home office and want to have a 19" LCD (centered) with two 17" LCD's on either side.  The 19" would be my main work screen and the 17's would feature my e-mail/spreadsheets/markups/whatever.
>Any recommendations on multi-head video cards, setup options, etc?  What monitors are you using?
>Thanks all,
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