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On Aug 4, 2005, at 7:40 AM, Andrew Sledge wrote:

> Mark:
> I had the similar trouble once upon a time connecting my samba  
> server from WinXP and 98 stations.  The passwords that are being  
> sent are encrypted and the samba server is expecting unencrypted  
> passwords.  The things you are seeing are very similar to what I  
> was seeing.
> Here's what I found (2 solutions):
> 1. The encrypt password directive must be set to true in [global]:  
> `encrypt password=true`.  Starting with Win98 and WinNT (and up)  
> encrypted passwords are being sent.  Setting this directive will  
> allow the samba server to look for an encrypted password being sent  
> instead of the default unencrypted that samba is expecting.  Set to  
> true and restart the server.
> 2. You can set the Windoze clients to send unencrypted passwords  
> through the local security policy (under security options in the  
> local policy if memory serves me correctly).  Look for 'Microsoft  
> network client: Send unencrypted password to third-party SMB  
> server.'  Disable it and reboot.
> Hope this helps.
> --sledge
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