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[ale] ssh remote command

James P. Kinney III wrote:
> What would cause an ssh tunneled command to no return when it finished?
> ssh -f remotemachine /usr/local/mynewcommand.sh
> mynewcommand.sh is a shell script that runs the ssh port tunnel followed
> by the nc command to transport serial port over to ssh forwarded port.
> It ends with 
> exit 0
> What I see is the initial ssh never finishes and just sits there. I
> thought once the command ran, it should terminate and the ssh closes. It
> doesn't. puzzled. 
>  I stuck in some echo"" statement so I can see what is happening and
> everything runs OK on the remote machine. 

Good question James.  I've run into the same problem a couple of times.
I've found two things that can help to get around the problem.

The first is to redirect input from dev null.  so, your command becomes:

ssh -f remote /usr/local/mynewcommand.sh <0 /dev/null

The other is to batch the commands on the other end.  That is done inside the the mynewcommand.sh script.
'atd' needs to be running for batch to work.

$ batch <<EOF

Batch launches a background job to run the commands, and immediately returns.

I've also run into occations where neither of these solutions work, and haven't figured that one out yet.

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