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[ale] Talk Google

Jim Philips wrote:
> Yeah, I'm not sure that I need yet another IM account. But it's nice that it's 
> based on an open protocol. This looks like something they rushed out the 
> door, maybe because it had been so thoroughly leaked on Monday.

It would be nice if you could add Jabber contacts from the rest of the
Jabber network... alas, you cannot, and so it kind of makes it pointless
(to me, anyway)... the Jabber using friends that I have all have the
server of their choice, and a backup that they like to use... I am the
same way.  The nice thing is that they are all on one big Jabber network.

Even cooler, if ISPs would adopt Jabber, they could *all* give their
users an @isp.com Jabber account, and people could add people by ISP to
their list (e.g., kind of like AOL used to be with AIM / AOL before the
seperated the two).

	- Mike

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