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[ale] Can I tell my Linksys router to always serve the same IP address?

What Linksys model are you using?

I'm using openWRT for this on my WRT54G.  If you are familiar with Linux 
and have a little time to figure out how to configure it, I would highly 
recommend it.



Jim Lynch wrote:

>I'd really like to have each machine in my network have a predictible IP 
>address, but I also really like the idea that DHCP does more than give 
>an IP address (such as furnish DNS info also) so I don't want to just 
>set up static IPs for each machine. I'll never have more systems than 
>there are available IP addresses, so I really don't need for the router 
>to expire the addresses.  So can I tell it to not expire or in some 
>other way tell it to keep the same IP for a specific MAC address forever?
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