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[ale] Nvidia 7667 and SUSE 9.3 kernel update

What were your instructions you were given?  I'd like to know the fix if 
you don't mind.  Thanks,

PS.  Nvidia has dropped support for some of their oldest cards, but 
yours should still be in the list.

Paul Cartwright wrote:
>On Mon July 18 2005 4:57 pm, Geoffrey wrote:
>>Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  I don't understand why a kernel
>>update would affect the OS recognizing the monitor.  Did it touch
>>your X config file?  If so, I'd try backing up the config file,
>>update the kernel, then replace the config file.
>I might back up that file anyway, thanks for the tip..
>>What was the specific error you received?
>someone emailed me off-line with some instructions. Specific to a Dell 
>box... figures. That's why I LOVE this group, so much useful 
>information available!
>I'm moving out to Madison County the end of this month, but My office 
>is up 985, Buford, so I know where the 3000 Satellite Blvd address 
>is.. I'm going to try to make one of these meetings soon! Tough to do 
>with working full time and all the volunteer work I do. I'm a Georgia 
>master Gardener and my wife & I are also gearing up to be volunteers 
>at the new aquarium when it opens in November. Im also a scuba diver:)