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[ale] MySQL Cluster

I'm actually trying to load balance for a web app.  Last time, something 
I did got slashdotted, and it brought the webpage to it's knees.  The 
mysql server is on the same box as apache, however, I recently aquired 
to older machines that I thought would make a great mysql cluster.

Christopher Fowler wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-08-20 at 15:22, Chris Ricker wrote:
>>On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Jeb Barger wrote:
>>>I am thinking about setting up a little mysql cluster with some spare
>>>hardware i have.  Does anybody have a linkie or a doc that will give me
>>>some insight ?
>>You really need to say more about what / why you're wanting a cluster. 
>>There are lots of ways of clustering MySQL, and they all have tradeoffs:
> Agreed.  I'm naive about the ways but I've tried t master/slave and
> found it only good for a backup storage of data.  You can not do 
> inserts to the slave.  
> I was originally looking for a way to cluster 2+ servers and have anyone
> of them step into place during failover.  The only thing I could think
> of was do inserts,deletes, modifications on all of them.  So one insert
> execution would do an insert on all databases in the group.
>>* MySQL Cluster product
>>* High Availability active / passive clustering using shared storage
>>* MySQL master / slave replication
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