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[ale] Structured Documentation

I'm looking for open-source ways to generate and maintain structured

When I say "structured documents" I'm talking about technical or
procedural manuals suitable for printing or screen reading.  I'd like to
be able to create a revision history on a part-by-part basis such that
if I made a change to part 3.1.7, a new version of the entire doc would
be generated and a look back at the previous version would show the
pre-change 3.1.7.  Or, if I selected 3.1.7 and did some kind of history
call-up on it, I'd see the current version plus all previous versions,
their dates, and who modified them.

Anyone know of anything in existence that works close to this?  I've got
an idea in my head somewhere between Lyx and how Gentoo's online XML
docs work.