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[ale] OT: Position

I posted this a few week ago and want to give more people a chance to
respond before I make a decision.  We are looking for a Java programmer
to help us develop and maintain our J2EE application.  This is a
contract to possible permanent position.  Obviously the application has
to be maintained over time.


1.  J2EE
2.  Swing, We have an applet that uses Swing
3.  XSLT
4.  XML
5.  Linux. Our application runs on Linux so you have to know Linux

Extra credit:

6. Perl 
7. C

You duties will include: Programming, Heavy Testing, and Support.  This
job can be done remotely but will require travel to Alpharetta at least
once a week to discuss bugs, features, time lines, etc.

Please email me off list if interested and if you send resume please
send either text or PDF version only.