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[ale] Vonage redux

Mills, John M. wrote:
> Q1: Does Vonage service require any inbound ports be forwarded to its modem,
> or does the modem initiate the connection and get only repies, even for
> inbound phone calls? Vonage' installation notes list a potload of ports
> which shouldn't be blocked, but don't say if any must be specifically
> forwarded to their modem.

I did have to forward UDP ports 5060 and 5061 to the Vonage box.

> Q2: Does Vonage typically provide the modem, or do most customers go buy one
> (LinkSys or whatever) from a third party? Any strong preferences? (I know I
> could replace the simple Airlink router with a "known brand" - is this
> useful?)

I believe you can either buy one directly from Vonage, or you can go to 
most electronics stores and buy one there. But you will need to buy the ATA.

> Q3: If Vonage service requires inbound port forwarding, do they provide a
> modem that can use a fixed IP in my LAN?

I'm using the Linksys PAP2 ATA, and it can do DHCP or static IP. I left 
mine as DHCP and assign a static IP through the DHCP server.

> Q4: Vonage' notes suggest that putting their interface behind the modem does
> sacrifice some functionality (e.g., QoS control), but that it should work.
> What should I anticipate happening to the phone link when another system is
> keeping the LAN busy?

I haven't experienced this myself, but you'll experience breakups in 
conversations from latency and jitter. One project I've been meaning to 
start is setting up QoS on my linux router.

Jason Fritcher
jkf at wolfnet.org