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[ale] Ot: Geek Squad

Well, we've also tromped on the idea of getting cars with 50hp and 0-60 
times of 20 seconds. The Smart car achieves its stellar mileage with a teeny 
engine, and really low acceleration times.

The cool thing to do to one, in my mind, would be to strap a second turbo on 
the top and see if we can't get more horses out ot it. OTOH, for in-city 
driving, and low-traffic highway driving, the low acceleration times isn't a 
big deal. It's just the constant get-on/get-off driving of commuting on 
short highway stretches where it would suck. 


On 8/17/05, Matt Magee <mattslistmail at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I still find it interesting that in the early 90's you could buy at
> least three cars that acheived around 60 mpg (Civic VX, CRX HF and the
> Metro XFI). Now to get 60 mpg, the best we can get is the smart, which
> is far smaller and not really inexpensive either.
> Is this the best the world's engineers can do?
> Grant Robertson wrote:
> >I so wish the smart would come to the US.. They're becoming kinda
> >popular in Canada. Neat little buggers, and suprisingly roomy.
> >
> >-G
> >
> >
> >On 8/16/05, James P. Kinney III <jkinney at localnetsolutions.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>I'm partial to
> >>http://www.zapworld.com/cars/smartCar.asp
> >>for geek-fleet cars.
> >>
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