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[ale] Upgrading FC3 to FC4

I had a real hard time upgrading my laptop.  Most of the trouble was
due to using ndiswrapper for my wireless card.  Incidently, now I
can't get the RF to turn on with my HP laptop.  I also had the install
program crash several times if it didn't like my custom package

On 8/16/05, Jay Finch <retief at larp.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a quick question for the group:  Has anyone upgraded their machine
> from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4?  Any pitfalls/experiences you can
> share?
> I have 2 machines (one web/db server, and one mailserver) that I want to
> uprgade, and I've been researching everything online to find any concerns,
> but I always value the feedback/information that this group gives. :)
> Thanks in advance!
> Jay
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