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[ale] Cobb Laptop Deal

I am glad the deal fell apart even though I am a former Evangelist  
member. ( Guy Kawasaki's old mailing list to promote mac info back a  
few years)

I think that computers in schools are just another impediment to a  
good education.  I believe there is no teen in the metro area that  
cannot operate a windows PC currently or passably given a day to  
learn.  Putting PCs in schools unless, they are used just to teach  
coding or hardware design just takes away time from learning to read,  
write and do math.

The crazy thing is every time the government wants to spend more of  
our money to help students read, write and do math better, all you  
have to do is move the curtain back a little and see that the  
opposite is ALWAYS the result.

As you can see this is a sore point to me and I am restraining  
myself!  My daughters go to a respected public school up here in cobb  
and I don't think it would be much of an exaggeration to say they  
there are probably as many guns and containers of alcohol in that  
school as there are computers.  I am dead serious.  I have pulled one  
of my kids out and wish I had the money to school all my kids  
privately or at home.

...But really I'd like to see Apple sell the government a butt load  
of laptops.  I just think that if they welded all the cases together  
in an interesting way and put them on display at the capitol rotunda  
our kids would have a better chance of learning something.


On Aug 15, 2005, at 8:37 AM, Jim Popovitch wrote:

> OK, I've given a silent ear to all the recent noise on the Cobb laptop
> proceedings, mostly assuming it was normal political wrangling.   
> Anyone
> with an interest in Cobb have any good insight to this?
> http://wsbradio.com/news/081505cobblaptops3a.html
> thanks,
> -Jim P.
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