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[ale] Wifi problem with Linux

I just got back from a long trip around the country and had my laptop 
with a wireless card along to keep up with email.  In a few cases I was 
never able to get connected at hotels that advertised access.  I wasn't 
able to run Windows 'cause I screwed up the networking settings by 
installing an Earthlink POS that appears to have trashed something and 
now my wireless card isn't recognized by windows any longer but that's 
another story.

The question is, "Is there something that would prevent me from getting 
a connection on Linux?" 

Also there is a wireless hot spot at a marina in St Simons that others 
use all the time, I can't get a signal from either.

This is a 802.11g  card.  It's a Linksys card that I'm running using the 
ndis software and the Win. driver with.  I'm assuming it will downgrade 
to the b protocol if necessary, but maybe that's it?

Thanks for any input.