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[ale] ThinkPad sound working

On 8/13/05, Bob Toxen <bob at verysecurelinux.com> wrote:
> My IBM ThinkPad R31 laptop sound working this evening.
> The suggestion to load the i810_audio module failed because it failed
> with an undefined symbol.  I grep'ed for the variable's name in other
> source files in the same directory and found it defined in ac97_codec.c.
> I then loaded this module before the i810_audio module and there, in
> the Caribou Coffee Shop, I had sound!

I just try to make sure that I have the module dependancies updated,
and then use 'modprobe' to load my modules; I've never had a problem
with that under Slack.  That way, if I know that I need a module
loaded (say, i810_audio) I just say 'modprobe i810_audio' and it loads
anything that it depends on.

  - Mike