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[ale] multiple monitors - different desktops

Dow Hurst wrote:
> there is a card with 4 output available, was it Matrox?  Might find one 
> on Ebay as I don't know if they are still sold new.
> You can also use SLI enabled motherboards with dual Nvidia cards to get 
> more than two monitors hooked up.  the driver will allow certain 
> combinations of dual monitor single desktop or multi-monitor multi-desktop.
> A big plus with the nvidia setup is that different monitors are handled 
> very well.  You can have a 12" old CRT with limited vertical Hz refresh 
> rate next to a 20" LCD from Dell at 60Hz and the driver will accelerate 
> and join into a seamless desktop both monitors.  Nvidia had that for 
> Linux before they had it for Windows!

You can also do that with xinerama.  :)  Had my 20" viewsonic with a 15" 

Until later, Geoffrey