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[ale] what to do with dozens of 40GB IDE drives?

If you have some bandwidth to spare .. you could
contribute to the Internet Backplane research project
by setting up an IBP node(s). I know that other
universities participate by setting up nodes.
I've seen demos and they are awesome.



--- Christopher Bergeron <christopher at bergeron.com>

> Hey guys -
> I just took ownership of 25 (to 50) brand new 40 GB
> Hard Disk drives, 
> and I have no clue what to do with them.  I run an
> LTSP shop ( ltsp 
> rocks! ), so my machines don't need HD's.  I
> optimized the hell out of 
> them as much as I can (they're running dnetc/seti
> clients, etc).  I just 
> realized that I have dozens of 40GB drives that
> aren't even being 
> powered up, and I'm trying to figure out how to put
> them to good use.  
> I'd like to create a fileserver array, but I'm not
> sure where to begin.  
> I've looked at NFS, but the LTSP clients network
> boot over NFS, so I 
> don't want to over complicate the network by having
> the clients act as 
> NFS servers too.
> Does anyone know of any hardware that I can plug
> 'lots' of IDE drives 
> into?  I've looked at SAN / Disk Array solutions but
> they all seem to 
> ship WITH drives.  I'd love to find a 12 or 15 disk
> case and backplane 
> that I can populate with my own IDE drives.  Does
> such a beast exist?
> Also, before/if it's suggested, I've already
> designated several of these 
> drives for charity.
> Your guys' thoughts?   What would you do with 40
> 40GB IDE drives?
> Thanks again,
> CB
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