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Personally I use a netgear MA311 card in my desktop, and it has "just worked" 
under every version of Linux I've tried, including SUSE 9.1.  I suggest 
rather  than pulling your hair out to get any old card working, just get a 
card off ebay that you know will work right off the bat.  

Netgear actually provides linux drivers for a lot of their products, also.  If 
you get an older card that has a "Prism 2" chipset, you're almost guaranteed 
it will work. 


On Thursday 18 November 2004 10:16 am, O. Nunez de Villavicencio wrote:
> Hi Jay,
> I bought me a SuSE 9.1,; set it on the computer; pressed a few bottons, and
> loaded itself (with very little help from me). It was magical. So, for all
> intents and purpuses it is loaded. I live at an old 'Post' apartment that
> does not allow any DSL, but BellSouth (and yes, I want to get out of this
> place, as soon as my lease allows it). In Miami -where I am coming from-
> BellSouth never gave help to Linux users, so I do not want to fund them,
> and I will like to go WiFi -and I want to go as FREE as allowed. That is my
> dilemma, at this time.
> I must now how to program my box to go WiFi, and -not knowing- that is
> where I need help. Thank you for wanting to help. I hope you are the person
> to do it. \Orlando 770.993.3652
> Jay Loden <jloden at toughguy.net> wrote:
> >Well, I'll be glad to help you in any way I can..what exactly were you
> > looking for?
> >
> >-Jay
> >
> >On Wednesday 17 November 2004 12:30 pm, O. Nunez de Villavicencio wrote:
> >> I want to be evangelized into Linux -as I do not like Windows, because
> >> it always crashes on me- but I find no takers. Would you be an
> >> evangelist? Thanks...
> >> \Orlando 770.993.3652
> >
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