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[ale] ALE booth at LISA

Geoffrey wrote:

> I believe this is the final list of volunteers and times.  Let me know 
> if I've got you down wrong.  Looks like we could use some help early 
> on Wednesday as we must be setup by 11:00 am.  There are others who 
> have offered to stop by and that's great, either I don't have the 
> specific times and/or they weren't sure of when those times would be.
> Also, don't forget the Bof Wednesday night at 7:00.  I'll have to 
> leave the booth on Wed around 4, but will return for the Bof.
> Jerald Sheets: both days 1:00-close
> Grant Robertson: Thursday all day
> John Trostel: 2-5 on Wednesday (tentative)
> Geof Myers: wednesday 11-4, thursday all day
> Sean Kilpatrick: 12-5 Wednesday
> Michael Still: Thursday all day
> Harold Bieber: When he can make it. :)
> Guys, please give me any changes to the above schedule?
> If you're bringing a laptop or computer, let me know?  If you bring a 
> monitor/computer, you might want to bring some extension cords and such.
Where is it located?

Brandon Colbert
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