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[ALE] OT: The Screen Savers

Christopher Fowler wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 07:30, Brian Stanaland wrote:
>>Looks like TSS is just about over.  I personally have been watching
>>less and less since TechTV was bought by G4TV.  I still liked The
>>Screen Savers and X-Play but that's about it.  Here's the link to
>>Alex'x blog post. 
> And this is suprising?
> The show was fubar after all the teenie boppers moved in.  IT was
> screwed after Leo left and doomed to fail.    After G4 took over I
> stopped watching it.  I watch other shows on G4 but no longer TSS. I
> sucks.

Who's got time to watch TV???

Until later, Geoffrey