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[ale] somewhat OT: sysadmin must-knows?

On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 09:31, Charles Shapiro wrote:

>    * The more programming experience you have, the more flexible you'll
> be. Python scripting is a Real Good Start. You're probly also gonnna
> have to have some Perl and bash (argh!) experience. A reading knowledge
> of C, C++, and Java is also very handy.

The order to learn some programming stuff is different for admins than
coders. To admin Linux systems, learn in this order: bash, perl, python,
C, java.  Most everything in the linux startup stuff is a bash script.
After that is a cabel of perl stuff fo more complex admin stuff
(webmin), then python (the default installation language for RedHat and
derivatives. C will get used debugging why an app won't compile/install
from a tarball. C++ is used by KDE. Gnome uses C. Java is being used
mora and more as a server app programming language. By the time I get
around to learning how to code with it, it may actually be suitable for
something useful </flambait>.

>    * You might want to look at the Purple Book (UNIX System
> Administration Handbook, Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass, Hein, ISBN
> 0-13-020601-6). It's fabulously expensive but has good coverage of lots
> of real SysAdmin issues. It also is a wonderful reference for the "just
> gimme what I need to know today" questions about various Troubles.

Awesome book! The multi-platform coverage of how to do the same thing in
multiple *nix environments is terrific. 

Lastly, spend time and $$ on ebay and buy some older hardware for
solaris, irix and aix systems. Getting a handle on how some of the other
systems work (or don't work) will really show the strengths of Linux (as
well as some it's shortcomings).

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