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[ale] OT: DVD Rental

Game Passes and Movie Passes are the concern.  Not with the card. 
Passes can not be used at other blockbuster stores.

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 09:22, Klepinger, Aaron wrote:
> Last I checked, if you have your card you can use it at any location.  They
> scan your card which matches you to their database.  It just takes a few
> minutes.
> However, if you don't have your card, the store where you opened your
> account must look up your #.  If you haven't used your card in 3 months,
> they won't have it in the system, according to Blockbuster on Roswell Rd.
> about a year or 2 ago when I asked.
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> Christopher Fowler said:
> > I've canceled by Blockbuster account for 2 reasons.
> >
> > #1.  Distribution Demographics
> > #2.  It is only valid at the store you sign up.  Which makes #1
> >   a pita.
> Huh?  I've been using the same account I signed up for in Little Rock, AR,
> 5 years ago at various locations since, including Atlanta, GA, Destin, FL,
> and Greensboro, NC.  Is this something new?
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