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[ale] OT: Dedicated hosting

If you want them to support the hardware, why not try RackSpace, or Managed.com?  Not local, but relatively cheap.

I've been very pleased with our RackSpace servers.


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Subject: [ale] OT: Dedicated hosting

I'm local place in Atlanta that offers dedicated hosting.  Here are the
features I'm looking for.

1.  Serial console access
2.  I want ownership of the entire OS
3.  Fedora Core 2 or SuSE 9.1

Basically I would like someone to support the hardware
and I take control of the OS and software.  One option is
to give me 2U of space with ping,power,pipe and console access.
I can provide the hardware if needed.

I'm currently hosting at MindlessSpring and am tired of not receiving
emails due to their lack of ability to keep their stuff in good order.
By hosting in ATL if I have to drive to the server I will not have to
drive so far.

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