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[ale] Clarification - Fedora as a server?

There are several of us on here with extensive FreeBSD experience.

Just a clarification question: If the host is being provided by (and the
OS choice is dictated by) a hosting company, will they not be the ones
that set everything up and maintain it? Once you give them your basic
requirements (apache, mysql, etc.) they have to either say "yes we can"
or "no we can't".

Also, Fedora Core 1 is not stable. In fact, Fedora, by it's nature, is
bleeding edge and unstable.

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 12:14, J.M. Taylor wrote:

> Learning curve is obviously a big question mark.  I have run AIX and (ick)
> SCO in production, and am comfortable on solaris, and I've run debian,
> slack, and RH in production linuxwise, so I think I've got enough
> versatility to do a production move.
> My biggest fear (beyond the dread of cyrus) is locking down BSD.  I think
> I can compile things on any platform (I can get openSSL to compile on
> Windows...I think that says something about perserverance) tho I don't
> know how comfortable a package-management person would be making the jump
> having always avoided packages on any OS.  And I know the philosophy of
> locking down is the same from platform to platform...but I'm a bit nervous
> about the specifics, like packet filtering in BSD.
> And if I go with FreeBSD, are any of you on any lists that I could pester 
> when google fails me?
> :)
> jenn
> On Fri, 21 May 2004, Nathan J. Underwood wrote:
> > As someone with roughly 0% experience level with BSD, what would the 
> > learning curve be going from Linux to BSD?  I don't want a flame war, 
> > I'm just curious.  Linux has just done what I've needed it to do, and 
> > it's what I'm comfortable with.  If Jenn's comfort level is with Linux, 
> > would the BSD box be something that she could easily move to in a (I'm 
> > assuming) production environment?
> > 
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