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Jonathan Glass wrote:
>>Robert L. Harris wrote:
>>>Any recomendations on actual hardware though?  P4 or should I go
>>>Xeon, is SATA worth it?  etc.
>>I'd save my bucks, and go with an Athlon.  Can't help you with the SATA
>>stuff, I've not played with it.  Monarch does offer SATA Linux systems,
>>so I'm sure it works fine.
>>Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
>>Building secure systems in spite of Microsoft
> Only recommendation on SATA is make sure you get a 3Ware controller, and
> if you can afford it, go RAID 1.  The 3Ware drivers are in the kernel, and
> work much better than Promise.  To me it is worth it.
> I prefer Xeon processors, but then again I work in compute-intense
> environment.  They seem to outperform the P4s for some reason (haven't
> really delved into the voodoo of the hardware specs to find out
> why...don't really care).

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