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[ale] Staying in touch with your friend in Atlanta, now Miami

try and use the service and send it out to your friends to update your 
address book, you'll see it's Outlook only.

Chris Fowler wrote:
> I'm able to see it just fine in Evolution and I can even add to my
> address book.
> On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 15:31, ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
>>I use Suse 9.0. I clicked the vCard link and it displayed the contact info in 
>>the "vCard viewer." I am not sure how I would "create" a vCard in Linux, but 
>>my ability to view the file raises the question as to whether or not "forces 
>>you to use Microsoft" is valid.
>>On Wednesday 31 March 2004 14:27, Brian Chase wrote:
>>>Strange you promote a Vcard service that forces you to use Microsoft in a 
>>>Linux Users group....
>>>Louis Zamora wrote:
>>>>Dear ale at ale.org,
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