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[ale] Low-end tapedrives for SOHO environment

On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 15:47, Jonathan Glass wrote:
> hehe. take it one step further.  By a 3ware or Promise RAID card with
> support for hot-swapping.  Then install the caddy and backup hdd.  That
> way there's no down-time for backups.  That's what I do here for various
> little lab servers.  The lab managers have 2 spare drives, and they just
> yank them out on Friday, put that one in the safe (supposedly) and put
> the other spare in the cage, and voila!  They have full backups every
> week, with 7 or 14 day rotation.  I need to do that math again.  :(
> Jonathan

LVM uses a kernel patch to quiese a filesystem prior to making a
snapshot.  (I don't think that will work for you.)

Do you quiese your data?

XFS in particular will not be happy with you doing the above.  (ie. It
will zero out the data in any open files.)

Not sure how robust the other Linux filesystems are for this.

Greg Freemyer