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> FWIW, I got a copy of Lindows 4.5 for evaluation and found one major 
> flaw.  Since it's based on Debian, I decided that the first thing I 
> would do is  run apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade without any 
> configuration.
> It connected to the Debian sarge site, downloaded lots of updates, and 
> installed them.  The bad part was, it broke just about everything.
> Just seems a little odd that a distro would ship with a standard update 
> system installed, and configured, that would totally break the system.
> Anyway, just my .02

I agree with you on this issue Keith, they really should have either totally removed apt-get or changed the apt configuration files to point to
either a "safe" repository site with lindowsos compatible packages, or they should have commented out all of the standard sites and put commented
info in the config files warning against using apt-get to install packages on the system.

My father is a good fellow, and is a good example of a standard "Joe six-pack" in that he has no concept of what a command line is, and he has 
never heard of using apt-get before. So far the Click 'n' Run stuff works well for him though. He really likes how fast Lindowsos 4.5 runs and the
fact that he can't mess the system up so bad that I can't get it fixed and running again in just a few minutes.

The guys at lindowsos really do need to either remove or disable apt-get though if it is going to do something this bad to a system when it is used

Thanks for making a comment on my post. Sometimes I think everyone is too busy getting into a flame war over other things to read my posts.

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