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>All I am saying is that we are blythely telling people to place their education and career in the dumper and take what they can get cause they work cheep in India.  No concern for the lack of leadership we are getting from our elected representatives.  No attempt to keep our people employed productively as more jobs find their way outside the US.  We can't just do each other's nails and hair.
I think you (and many others complaining about this issue) are grossly 
exaggerating the current situation and future risks. The U.S. IT 
industry is not going to disappear because it makes sense to outsource 
certain tasks to another country, just as the our auto industry has not 
disappeared despite all the bitching and moaning that took place in the 
70's and 80's over the Japanese menace. It will never dominate the 
American market like it used to. People were displaced, but I've never 
seen anything in the news about the mass graves for all the people who 
starved as a result of the declining U.S. auto industry. Our auto 
industry has changed and adapted, and continues to do so Foreign auto 
manufacturers are now building new plants *here*. However, I do think 
general IT will become a less financially rewarding as a career. You'll 
need to specialize or become essential to someone's business or be an 
innovator to get a high-paying position in IT.

Speaking of the auto industry, automation has a lot to do with the 
economic viability of manufacturing cars in this country. Automation has 
probably has eliminated more jobs than any foreign outsourcing. 
According to Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, during the 
same time in which America has lost 11% of its manufacturing jobs, Japan 
lost 16%, Brazil 20%, and China 15% 
(<a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.robertreich.org/reich/20031105.asp";>http://www.robertreich.org/reich/20031105.asp</a>). Essentially the same 
thing is going to happen in IT as better software and hardware are 
produced - and as more of the software becomes freely available. I don't 
see how any reasonable government action can prevent that.

&gt;We are also lying to ourselves when we call this a great and prosperous nation while not caring if there are enough good jobs for people.
&gt;I used to think this way.  &quot;Just find another job if the plant closes; move town if you have to.&quot;  I was na?ve at best.  All but low-end service industry jobs that have to be done onsite will be exported eventually ..pj
I think you're really exaggerating to say that we as a society (our 
elected representatives) don't care if there are enough good jobs or 
not. (How do you define a good job?) And I don't think it's our 
responsibility to ensure everyone has a good job. It is our 
responsibility as a society to make it possible for anyone with the will 
to work to live a reasonably comfortable and healthy life and have a 
family. I think anyone that is smart enough to work in IT has that, if 
they choose to make the emotional, intellectual, and physical effort to 
do so.

I worry more about those that aren't that smart - read &quot;Nickel and 
Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in  America&quot; by Barbara Ehrenreich.


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